Student Leadership Resources

Due to the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic, the NHADA and NHIAA jointly decided to cancel the 2020 New Hampshire Student Leadership Conference. High schools across the state have begun remote learning and we want to contribute by provided resources from select presenters from this year's Conference. We were very excited to have some new presenters at NHSLC20, and we want to provide student leaders with a chance to see and hear what they are all about. 

Laurie Warnock
Following NHSLC19, many students requested more information on vaping and how to help their peers quit or make the decision not to vape at all. Enter, Laurie Warnock, the New Hampshire Educator for the Northern New England Poison Control Center. We asked Laurie to deliver a keynote speech to help our student leaders encourage their peers to make good decisions around vaping. 

We were able to find a video of Laurie giving a presentation at Bishop Guertin High School: 

If you are looking to quit vaping, or looking for resources to educate others on the dangers of vaping, check out

Deb Hult
Deb is a fantastic motivational speaker with a powerful message. We enlisted Deb to give the final keynote of NHSLC20, to help our students leave the Conference feeling motivated and thinking about the people they influence every day. 

We were able to find a video of Deb speaking in Ohio a few years back: 

We also recommend following Deb's social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram. She's got some really good content on both!

John Underwood
John Underwood is the founder of Life of an Athlete/Human Performance Project, which is what our Life of an Athlete NH program is based on. John comes to our Conference every year to support the NH implementation of the program. At NHSLC20, we asked John to present his research and findings to our chaperones- mostly made up of athletic directors, coaches, and teachers. John's presentation is filled with facts and figures on the effects of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs on performance. He also has studies on nutrition for athletes and how good sleep habits improve athletic performance. 

Here's a video we produced a few years ago with John talking about the Life of an Athlete program:

John's website is filled with a gallery of images from his powerpoint presentations. We recommend checking it out by clicking here! 

Ivy Watts
We brought Ivy in as a keynote speaker for NHSLC19, and the positive response was so overwhelming, we had to bring her back for NHSLC20! Mental health of student-athletes is a topic that people don't often talk about openly. Ivy has been breaking that barrier and letting student-athletes know that it's ok to not be ok. 

We believe in the importance of Ivy's message and we know that this pandemic has left our students feeling frustrated and anxious. We recommend reading Ivy's blog posts (click here) and making time to check in on your own mental health, as well as your friends and family. 

Here's a highlight video of Ivy speaking at NHSLC19:

Omari Pearson
Omari Pearson is an author, former professional athlete, husband, father, and mentor. Over the last 9 years, Omari has partnered with high schools, colleges, and universities across the US and internationally sharing with students how to better navigate their educational journey in pursuit of their financial, life, and career goals. Sara and Ben had the pleasure of seeing Omari present at the NFHS National Student Leadership Summit last summer and thought his presentation would benefit students here in NH. We were so excited to have Omari for NHSLC20 to help our students with goal setting in a breakout session. 

Omari founded Passion to Purpose Goal & Mind Mapping to help assist those in need of guidance to set their long-term goals. We couldn't find any videos of Omari, but check out his website here.  

Jason Larson & Anthony Page
Jason and Anthony are returning presenters, and each year they present at our Conference, we get very positive feedback on them. They are former US Navy SEALS who now operate a program called Applied Performance Sciences. Their work teaches students the importance of teamwork, team dynamics, leadership, and responsibility through their stories of training to become Navy SEALS. 

We couldn't find any videos of Jason and Anthony, but check out their website here