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Fall Tournament Information 

  • The NHIAA 2020 Tournaments are set up as an open tournament by division
  • Each school was able to opt in based upon their comfort level of competing in a state wide competition
  • Based upon feedback from member schools and the success of regional scheduling during the regular season, the sports committee divided each division into four regional groups
  • Each of the four groups were determined based upon location in the state and proximity to each other.
  • Schools were placed in the tournament bracket to maximize the number of teams competing based upon data collected.  Team numbers/positions in the bracket were randomly generated.
  • Team records from the regular season were not considered when placing teams in the bracket.  Rather, proximity to one another within the cluster was the presiding factor utilized to set up the bracket.
  • Any team who opts out of the tournament will be withdrawn from the bracket and their next scheduled opponent will automatically advance to the next round.
  • It is recommended that each rostered student athlete on the varsity team, both home and away, are provided two tickets per game.  Should local school rules mandate a more strict policy regarding visitors and fans to their school campus, such rules will take precedent over the NHIAA’s recommendation.

Fall 2020 Sport Brackets 

Hosting school is determined by their “team number”

Lowest team number will host (#1 being the lowest number)

Semi and Final "Hosts" are Noted on Concepts


2020 Football Division I Bracket

2020 Football Division II Bracket

2020 Football Division III Bracket

2020 Football Division IV Bracket

Field Hockey

2020 Field Hockey Division I Bracket

2020 Field Hockey Division II Bracket 

2020 Field Hockey Division III Bracket 

Field Hockey Concept

Soccer - Boys  

2020 Boys Soccer Division I Bracket 

2020 Boys Soccer Division II Bracket 

2020 Boys Soccer Division III Bracket 

2020 Boys Soccer Division IV Bracket 

Soccer Concept

Soccer - Girls

2020 Girls Soccer Division I Bracket 

2020 Girls Soccer Division II Bracket 

2020 Girls Soccer Division III Bracket 

2020 Girls Soccer Division IV Bracket 

Soccer Concept

Spirit - Fall

2020 Fall Spirit Championship Results

Unified Soccer

Unified Soccer Bracket


2020 Volleyball Division I Bracket 

2020 Volleyball Division II Bracket 

2020 Vollveyball Division III Bracket 

Volleyball Concept

Bass Fishing 

Bass Fishing Qualifying Round Results

Bass Fishing Championship Round Results


Individual Golf Sunday Ocotber 25, 2020 

Girls Golf Individual Championship Results - Medal Flight and Championship Flight

Division II Golf Team Tournament Results

Division IV Golf Team Tournament Results

2020-21 Tournament Dates, Sites, and Times - TBA

2020-21 Fall Tournament Dates, Sites and Times  as of 10.19.20


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Tournament Ticket Prices By Sport, Venue

NHIAA Tie-Breaking Procedures

NHIAA Tournament Balls 2020-21 

NHIAA Tournament Teams 70% Rule Memo Updated 2.24.20